Salsaymotion – Greater Seattle’s Salsa Studio

Salsaymotion is recognized as the premier dance school in the Greater Seattle area for Latin dance. Our dance classes offer the fastest, most fun way to learn Salsa and Bachata. Our dance instructors have over a decade of experience teaching students, from beginners with two left feet to competition level dancers. The Basics series focus on teaching proper technique so that you can easily learn combinations with confidence in the following series. And if you don’t think you can’t learn dance, we’d love to prove you wrong.

There are many reasons for wanting to take Salsa dance lessons — meeting new friends, your love of Latin music, you want to lose weight, you’re seeking a sense of connection and community, you want to express your passion for life, your friends go out dancing at Salsa clubs in Bellevue and Seattle, you have fantasies about “Dancing With The Stars”, you’re in love with a Salsero or Salsera so you need to step up your game, you want unplug from your monitor and plug into a new exciting and movement! All these reasons are good but once you try Salsa dancing, the reasons disappear and you’ll find yourself dancing simply for the love of dance. Enough talk already. Click the red Register button for our COMBO DISCOUNTS to get started.

Our No-Fear Guarantee

New to Salsa or Bachata? Feel a bit hesitant or uncertain about registering for our Salsa Basics + Bachata Basics discount combo? Then contact Larry at 206.228.3674 and sign-up for your first class in both of these two series for only $20! We’re confident that we offer the most fun and friendly Salsa and Bachata classes in the Greater Seattle region while still providing solid technical training. If you agree after the first class, you can then pay the $70 balance for the full 4-class series. And if it’s not for you, just let us know after class and there will be absolutely no pressure to register. You’re now just one step away from experiencing the exciting world of Latin dance!