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Seattle salsa classes instructor Samantha Brava

Samantha Brava

Samantha Brava is the Creative Director of Salsaymotion Dance Academy. She is an accomplished instructor, well rounded in art of lead and follow techniques as well as footwork, styling, and connection. Samantha was the first woman in the Northwest to teach Ladies’ Styling. Her two sons are both championship dancers. She was also the Director of the Bravas Performance Team, which has performed throughout the region. And she has trained many of the best Salsa dancers in the Northwest. When watching Samantha dance, you’ll understand why many people call her the “Queen of Salsa.” Samantha has been teaching salsa classes in Seattle for over 12 years.

Johnny Bravo teaching salsa dance classes in Seattle

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo is a competition level dancer who also loves teaching LA Style Salsa On1. Johnny was a finalist in the Mayan Competition, Professional Class. Johnny is well known among the best dancers in the world for his speed, spins, and splits. Pound for pound, he is a rare specimen of power and athleticism. He has choreographed and trained dancers for competition, but most of his students just enjoy dancing socially and Johnny makes it a fun and exciting experience. He is the Director of The Salsaymotion Performance Team as well as The Johnny Bravo Dancers. They perform locally in the Seattle areas as well as nationally.

Rico Bravo

Rico Bravo Jr. wanted to learn and dance to the music he loved after seeing his parents perform. He began training under them and performing at numerous local events. After a solid year of hard training, Rico Jr. performed at the 2000 LA Congress. Returning to Seattle, he captured numerous awards. Reaching the semi-finals in the 2002 Mayan World Salsa Competition cemented Rico Jr.’s place in the professional salsa dance community. Rico Jr. formed Bravos De La Rumba Dance Company, which tours across the U.S. He also made appearances on Star Search and Marc Anthony’s music video and continues to establish himself as one of the rising stars in the Salsa world.


It’s more than a dance. It’s a way to express your spirit and food for your soul. The vibrant music and dance bring out the passion in life. It’s not only an art form, but healthy exercise, and a great way to meet new friends. Salsaymotion (pronounced salsa emotion) gives students the individual attention and feedback they need to fine-tune their technique and advance as dancers. In teaching LA Style Salsa On 1 as well as our other Latin dance forms, we teach students how to MOVE, which goes far beyond just teaching the steps. Once the basics have been mastered, students can easily advance to learning different combinations and execute them with confidence.

We understand how learning to dance can feel intimidating at first. Our studio is a non-threatening environment where everyone has fun. After all, Salsa and Bachata are primarily social dances where people are free to express their feelings and passions through movement and connection with their partners.


“Samantha’s Basic Salsa Class is totally FUN! Being completely new to Salsa, Samantha took plenty of time to teach the basic steps before adding additional patterns. She made sure the class had an understanding of a particular pattern as well as the beat count of the music before advancing to the next dance step. It was good that everyone had a chance to dance with other partners, (including getting to dance with Samantha!), as this helped us get used to dancing with other partners. Definitely recommend Samantha and her classes, even for baby boomers!” ~ Michael & Julie Kopp

“I love Samantha’s classes. I have taken all of them including Bachata and Ladies Styling. She pays a lot of attention to detail but still makes it fun.” ~ Mary Anderson

“Wow! I took Samantha’s Ladies Styling class and really liked how I was able to go out dancing that night and use what we learned in class to “shine”. It was fun taking a class with all women. Plus it was a super workout! If you take this class be sure to bring water!” ~ Natalie Myersdorf

“I never really knew how to do the basic step until I took lessons with Salsaymotion. Samantha and Johnny are very committed to their students and to dance. They give them a solid foundation for different types of Latin dance and I highly recommend them.” ~ David Conners

“Taking Bachata at Salsaymotion was a blast! They concentrate on the fundamentals and technique so that you will look great on the dance floor. Spicy hot!!!” ~ Javier Gonzales